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Benefits of yoga include: improved flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina. In addition, many people who practice yoga say that it reduces anxiety and stress, improves mental clarity, and it helps them sleep better.


Classes are $17 for an Individual Class or 6 Class Package for $85.

Adult Vinyasa Flow* - this is for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The flow matches breath to movement and offers variations of poses for all levels. Focusing on being aware of breath and movement and how they work together. Calming the mind through breath. 

Body Balance Yoga for Pain Relief*- A sequence of poses and movement that are designed to bring your body back into alignment. The daily lives of Americans includes; leaning over a desk, computer and phone or driving in a car. In this practice, poses are held for 1 to 2 minutes in order to strengthen the muscles on the back of the body and stretch the muscles on the front of the body. Doing this balances out the "slumping" posture done on a daily basis. 

Restorative Yoga*- this is for all levels. A one hour restorative class where props are used and poses are held for extended periods. The purpose of this class is to completely relax the body while slowing down the pace and encouraging mindfulness of body and breath.

Kids Yoga (6-12yo)* - This class is designed for this age group, combining the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) together via songs, games and visual aids. Yoga has been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school-age children (ages 6 to 12). On a physical level, yoga can improve balance, strength and endurance. On a mental level, yoga can improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, classroom behavior and reduce anxiety and stress. 


Teen Yoga (13-17 yo)* - Vinyasa (matching one breath to one movement) flow that teaches teens to be mindful of their breath and body. This class also covers what it is to be a yogi and includes discussion on the 8 limbs of yoga. Includes a meditation and Savasana.

*Private Group and individual classes are available for all groups by appointment. 

The following classes can be booked for Individual or Group Private Sessions only at this time:

Pretnatal Yoga - Currently we do not have prenatal classes on the schedule, however, the lead instructor, Jillian Sommer, is certified in Prenatal Yoga and can suggest variations during any adult yoga class. Also prenatal yoga is available for individual or group private sessions. Prenatal yoga has been proven beneficial in aiding with labor and delivery.

Postnatal Yoga - this is recommended for women 4-6 weeks (6-8 for a C-section) after delivery. The focus of this class is to strengthen the body and unite the body with the breath. This class is 30 or 45 minutes:

- Parent and Baby -  This class is for mom or dad and baby up to 12 months old.  This class is also slow and gentle but includes the baby and strengthens the connection with the baby. Babies are allowed to be babies and it is recommended to bring any toys (that don't make noise), blankets or props that you need. Feeding or tending to your baby is encouraged whenever it is needed. 

*As with any activity, this should be approved by a doctor. 


Individual or Group Private Classes:

*please email for rates and to book private classes


On Site Sessions:

Can't come to the studio? We can come to you. 

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