Frequently asked questions

My pets behaviour is so out of control I doubt anyone can help! Do you really think you can?

Yes! There's not a pet & owner I've not been able to help yet. I'm passionate about helping you get the best relationship with your pet and I use honed techniques to get as much out of you and your pet as possible in our time together. This helps me get to underlying problems and equip you on how to change the behaviour yourself - and have fun doing it! Find out how.

What is the difference between an Animal Behaviourist, a Dog Trainer or Veterinary Behaviourist?

To avoid confusion, the latter are vets first, behaviourists second, whereas I am a behaviourist first and foremost. Trainers tend to offer broad training advice and help you to train your pet in obedience. Whereas I specialise in psychology and look at the driver and reinforcement behind your individual pets behaviour and work primarily with the owner. As I am not a vet I cannot prescribe medication, however I do have training in behavioural pharmacology and neuroscience and will happily work with your vet if we feel medication may be beneficial in assisting us. Download a Vet Referral Form from the Services page.

Video calls wont be as effective as you seeing me and my pet in person?

I have actually found that video calls work much better...It also allows me to see you, your pet and the home set up in case this is important to the case.The process we follow allows me to gain detailed information from you prior to the consultation. By completing a questionnaire it allows me to 'see' your situation and what the problem is, and in addition, if relevant, you can upload videos of problematic behaviour. Your pet is unlikely to display this on the day of a physical consultation. You can get access to a behaviourist no matter where you live at a time that is convenient to you.

What if I struggle to implement the changes you recommend?

You can book a follow-up consultation here where we can go over the the advice given and discuss the issues you are having. I'll help you understand what's holding you both back and advise the best course of action. You're not alone!

Which consultation type should I select?

A preventative consultation is for pets with no existing behavioural problems. The questionnaire you need to complete is very different from the one you complete for behaviour issues. No video upload is required and no BMP is required. You will get given advice and information to help you to avoid problem behaviours: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". A modification consultation will address unwanted behaviour and is a more complex process. More details on both here. If you are still not sure which to select then please book the free 10 minute pre-appointment to discuss.

Do I need to book a 10 minute pre-appointment or can I just select the appointment I want?

You don't need a pre-appointment. These are purely offered to make sure you are comfortable with the fact that I can help you. Of course I can!.... If you are not sure which consultation to book however, then these can be helpful. Book here.

Do I need the Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP)?

That is entirely your decision. You can take your own written notes throughout the consultation and the advice given will tell you everything you need to do. The BMP is designed with you during your consultation and is specific to you, your lifestyle and your pet. No BMP is the same. During the consultation you will get an understanding of why the problem has established and learn strategies to change the unwanted behaviour. Some of these strategies can be quite subtle and a stepped process. A written BMP allows you to get step by step instructions to follow to ensure you are successful in changing the behaviour most efficiently and effectively. A BMP is not required for a preventative consultation; however the information you receive during this consultation will prevent you from running into many unforeseen problems.

How much is it?

I offer a variety of consultations for preventing or modifying unwanted behaviour. Take a look at prices here.

What if I don't have Skype?

That's ok, we can use a video call service of your choice. Skype is just my preferred platform. FaceTime, Whatsapp, Viber, Google Hangout...just let me know what you use.

My pet isn't a cat or dog - can you still help?

Absolutely. My techniques work on other pets too - rabbits, birds and guinea pigs. I do not consult for horses however. Book a free 10 minute chat here if you're still not sure if I can help you.

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