Studio Space

The studio is located in downtown Mansfield, on Pratt Street, right across from the train station.


During the pandemic, the studio has gone through many changes in order to provide the safest possible practice space. Following the MA Health Guidelines for Fitness Centers and Health Clubs (under which yoga is specifically listed) we have the following safety protocols in place:

  • No more than 4 people allowed in the studio space, this includes the instructor.

  • Pods for each student

  • 3 HEPA filter systems in studio

  • UV Cleaning of partitions and cleaning of all touched surfaces with approved cleaners.

  • Teachers must wear masks or face shields the entire time they are in the studio 

  • Students must wear masks to enter, to walk around or to use the restroom, however, they may remove their masks once they are settled on their mat and ready to practice. 

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