While we do not accept insurance, Yoga can be a qualified fitness expense and may be reimbursable through your insurance carrier. 

Below are links to several popular insurance companies in MA and their language regarding Yoga reimbursement.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA -  https://myblue.bluecrossma.com/health-plan/fitness-reimbursement-weight-loss

Tufts Health Plan - https://tuftshealthplan.com/member/discounts-perks/commercial-plans-discounts-programs/fitness-and-exercise

United Healthcare - https://www.uhc.com/content/dam/uhcdotcom/en/B2B-Newsletters/b2b-pdf/broker/Sweat%20Equity%20Member%20Flier.pdf

Allways Health Partners - https://allwayshealthpartners.org/members/perks#_panel3

**Please note that if your insurance company is not listed or the links provided are not useful, please contact your insurance company directly and they can help you.